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Fellowship Grants

Call for applications 2018A, deadline now closed

(for Fellowship grants starting earliest on 01/12/17 and ending latest on 31/12/2018)

Guidelines for proposals for GSGS fellowship grants 2018

The Graduate School on Geosciences (GSGS) offers fellowship grants to excellent doctoral candidate members of the GSGS whose funding has terminated, or is about to terminate, and who are either in the final phase of their doctoral project or have recently defended their thesis. This is the last round of fellowship grants from Excellence Initiative funds; no payments can be made after 31/12/2018.

The aim of GSGS fellowship grants is to support talented young researchers while they write up additional publications, apply for external funding in their research field of interest, and/or seek employment. In this way, further publications can be secured for the Department, and young postdoctoral researchers can be supported.


Applications can be made between from 6 month before to 4 months after the termination of the funding of the applicant’s doctoral research project.
Applicants need to show that they have accrued a minimum of 5 GSGS points on average per semester since 1st October 2014, or since the start of their GSGS membership, whichever is the later date. GSGS points for any valid activity between 1st January and 30th September 2014 can be added to the points in winter semester 2014/15. For details of GSGS points, which activities count towards them, and of how to apply, please consult this page.


Successful applicants are awarded a TV-L-E13 (50%) position for a maximum funding period of 6 months. Usually, the end date entered on the application form cannot be shifted backward. 

Application procedure

To apply for a GSGS fellowship grant 2018, a complete application should be submitted to the GSGS manager by post using the application form. Please use typescript wherever possible. If you do not hand-deliver your application, also provide an electronic version (scan of the form with the two signatures) by the deadline to circumvent possible delays in the university’s postal system.

The applicant’s advisor needs to provide a support statement and sign the application.

Application deadlines are published on the internet pages of the GSGS.

The selection process

After an initial assessment of their completeness, and of the eligibility of the applicant, by the GSGS manager, all applications of an institute are forwarded to the respective institute representatives on the GSGS Steering Committee, who take care that the applications are ranked.

The selection criteria are: 1) the excellence of the candidate, proven by his/her track record; 2) clarity of the proposal; 3) career plan and funding outlook.

The final decision on the distribution of funds lies with the Steering Committee and is subject to the availability of funds. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection procedure within a month after the application deadline.

After approval

Successful applicants will receive their grant payments through the GSGS. The GSGS manager will make the necessary administrative arrangements. It is the recipient’s responsibility to provide all necessary information in a timely manner to allow a smooth application process.

Fellowship grant recipients are expected 1) to participate actively in fostering the next generation of GSGS doctoral candidates (peer mentoring), 2) to support the GSGS through active participation, and 3) to acknowledge their fellowship grant in any scientific publication that results from this grant.

Advisors of fellowship grant recipients are urged to support participation of their doctoral candidates in the GSGS.

Please note that successful applicants will have to submit a short report of their activities for the GSGS website using the template provided online to the GSGS by the end of their GSGS grant, preferably by e-mail to gradschool-geosci@uni-koeln.de.