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Compulsory Activities

Compulsory parts of GSGS membership for doctoral candidates are:

  1. Forming a doctoral committee (DC);
  2. Signing a supervision agreement
  3. Reporting regularly to your DC and the GSGS office;
  4. Meeting frequently with your DC members;
  5. Participating in the GSGS induction module;
  6. Presenting a poster at a GSGS Research Conference.

GSGS Induction Module

An induction module is organised several times per year. Every doctoral candidate member should attend it at least once. Besides general information about the GSGS, there will be sessions on issues such as good scientific practice, scientific ethics, data management and data storage.

The general set up is:

  • Part A - Being a member of the GSGS
  • Part B - Good scientific practice
  • Part C - Cooperation, Data and Self-Management

Each part is organised several times a year; you only need to attend each part once, but make sure that you attend all parts.

In preparation of Part B - Workshop on Good Scientific Practice, read the University of Cologne's guidelines (DE or EN).

GSGS Research Conference

Each GSGS candidate has to present a poster at a GSGS Research Conference at least once during his or her project, ideally between 3 and 18 months after the project start date.