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GSGS Summer School on Dates and Rates of Change in the Quaternary

21-27 August 2016

Burg Blankenheim (near Cologne, Germany)

Convenors: Tibor Dunai and Georgina King

Organisation: Karin Boessenkool

For PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and advanced master's students in geosciences

The aim of this summer school was to provide an in-depth introduction into main dating tools and quantitative rate measures of processes that are used in Quaternary Sciences.

We thank all participants and lecturers for their contributions to this lively event.

The full report of the summer school is available here.

Application deadline: 10 June 2016 (closed)

This event is funded from the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments through the Institutional Strategy of the University of Cologne and supported by the regional Geo-Alliance Geoverbund ABC/J