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GSSP application process 2021

Before you apply, check that you are eligible to apply and meet the requirements:

  • You are a non-German citizen;
  • you have not been resident in Germany for more than 15 months as per 31 July 2021 (refugees are exempt);
  • you hold an above-average Master's degree (or equivalent) in a discipline relevant to the chosen project and belong to the best 10% of your graduation class.

  • you have sound knowledge of the chosen research field;
  • you have very good English skills and are willing to learn basic German;
  • the exam for you last final degree (Masters) has taken place in the six years preceding July 2021.

The application procedure is split into three steps. Please read this information carefully.

  1. Read the call text.

  2. Choose your preferred coordinated research programme and scientist from the list.

  3. Read the programme information and the project linked to this scientist and write a short (max. 300 words) project idea of the doctoral research project you propose. The proposed research must fit well within the theme/framework of the indicated coordinated programme.

  4. Collect all necessary application information and documents (see checklist);

  5. Use the online form to submit your application by 28 April 2021 at 12 o'clock noon (CET).

  6. Should you have convinced your potential supervisor with your project idea, you will be contacted by them within a month of the application deadline.

  7. Supported by your potential supervisor, you will develop your project idea further and submit a c. 5-page project sketch to be submitted by 2 June 2021.

  8. Online interviews with short-listed candidates will take place between mid-June and early July, 2021.

  9. The GSGS will nominate candidates to the DAAD by 31 July 2021.

  10. Candidates nominated by the GSGS will have to submit their application to the DAAD through https://www.mydaad.de/en within 3 weeks after receiving a positive reply from the GSGS.

  11. Nominated candidates wait for the final admission by DAAD (estimated mid-August to mid-October 2021).

  12. Please note that admission to studies and receipt of a scholarship will be subject to assessments by both the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Cologne and the DAAD, respectively.

  13. When admitted by the DAAD: start of scholarship between 1 October and 1 December 2021.