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Induction Part D - Research Data Management

Since 2022, GSGS Induction Part D (Research Data Management) in not organised especially for the GSGS. Instead, you should register for one of the (online) workshops organised by Personnel Development given by Andreas Mühlichen and Jasmin Schenk of the Cologne Competence Center for Research Data Management (C3RDM). You can choose an English or German language workshop as you see fit. Please make sure that you receive a confirmation of attendance to be submitted to the GSGS with your next Activity Report.

Where to find more information about the individual workshops?

Normally you will find the dates on our Homepage on the right: Events and Deadlines and a few further informations can be found in the table where all training offers are summarized: Training

Further workshops might be announced through: https://fortbildung.uni-koeln.de/event_program/index_eng.html (use the filter options on the right-hand side).

Exemptions apply for...

1) those who registered as GSGS members before 01.01.2017;
2) GSGS members who attended GSGS Induction Part C on 28/11/2018, 14/11/2019 or 08/12/2020 (only on these dates; these workshop contained a part on RDM);
3) GSGS members who are preferentially members of another Graduate School (e.g. GSfBS) or Graduate Programme (e.g. HITEC);
4) GSGS members who are part of a CRC/SFB and attended a comprehensive introduction to Research Data Management within their CRC/SFB.

Please contact the GSGS office if you are unsure if an exemption applies to you.