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Research Training Course

15 Jan–17 Feb 2020, Barbados

Picture: S. Schnitt

The Research Training at Barbados Cloud Observatory coincided with the EUREC4A field study which led many scientists to Barbados. The scientific background of the participants was diverse: modelling experts, as well as long-­term experienced specialists in cloud observations met in order to plan, discuss and conduct observations of the shallow convective cloud fields occurring in the trade-­wind driven region around Barbados. Thanks to GSGS funding, I was able to participate in the research training and received hands-on training on the calibration and operation of ground-­based as well as air-­borne remote sensing instrument sensors. Throughout my stay on Barbados, I also took part in the operational radiosonde launching routines at BCO. At the daily science meetings, I was able to share my research results with the other participants, and to further discuss new ideas in the evolving diverse scientific discussions. Thanks to the diverse ranges of research focuses and experiences present, I was able to expand my remote-­sensing expertise on cloud observations to modeling strategies and in-­situ cloud observations. In-­between the regular meetings and various trainings offered at BCO as well as the airport, much of the time was spent for real time data analysis of the field study observations, leading to new scientific collaborations, and lots of new impulses for future research ideas.

Sabrina Schnitt 

PhD student

Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology 

Project title: Combining active and passive remote sensing observations for improved water vapor profiling in the cloudy atmosphere