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Steering Committee and spokesperson

The GSGS is led by a Steering Committee (Lenkungsausschuss) consisting of (term of office in brackets)

  • three advisors (professors) representing one or two of the subjects in which a doctorate can be pursued within the Department of Geosciences (two years):
  • one non-professorial academic staff member with a doctorate degree (two years)
  • two doctoral candidates; one is an academic staff member (>49% contract, two years) and one has 'student' status (<50% contract, scholarship, etc., one year).

The spokesperson of the GSGS leads the GSGS Steering Committee, which normally meets twice a year. The GSGS coordinator is a consulting member of the Steering Committee, without a vote.

Statutes and elections

Since 12 February, 2021 the statutes (Ordnung) of the GSGS have been in place. According to the statutes, the members of the Steering Committee and a deputy for each member are elected by the General Assembly.

General Assembly (Mitgliederversammlung)

The General Assembly takes place at least once a year (planned in May) and is aimed at informing GSGS members regularly.

The last General Assembly took place on 26 April, 2024. The current committee members are listed below.

Doctoral candidate representatives are encouraged to join the GSGS Doctoral Council, a self-governing body. Regular meetings of the GSGS Doctoral Council with the GSGS coordinator ensure direct communication in the assessment of candidates’ needs. More information on member representation.

Current GSGS Steering Committee

Past GSGS Steering Commitee members and terms of office

Name Representative of the discipline / group start of office end of office
Dr Amelie Bernzen Academic staff 2014 2015
Dr Steven Binnie Academic staff 2021 ongoing (deputy) until May 2025
Barbara Blanco Doctoral candidates 2021 2023
Prof Boris Braun (spokesperson since 2016) Advisors, Geography 2014 ongoing until May 2025
Prof Helmut Brückner Advisors, Human and Physical Geography 2014 2016
Prof Susanne Crewell Advisors, Geophysics, Meteorology 2014 2019
Prof Tibor Dunai (spokesperson 2014-2016) Advisors, Geology/Paleontology
Mineralogy/Petrology and
2014 2019
Dr Kerstin Ebell Academic staff 2014 ongoing until May 2025
Prof Patrick Grunert Advisors, Geology & Mineralogy, Crystallography 2019 ongoing (deputy) until May 2025
Sascha Janser Doctoral candidates 2019 2020
Sebastian Kommescher Doctoral candidates 2018 2019
Sarah Luft Doctoral candidates 2020 2023
Prof Tim Mansfeld Advisors, Human and Physical Geography 2017 2021
Linda Maßon Doctoral candidates 2023 2024
Prof Martin Melles Advisors, Geology/Paleontology
Mineralogy/Petrology and
2014 2016
Katharina Molitor Doctoral candidates 2016 2019
Prof Roel Neggers Advisors, Geophysics, Meteorology 2019 ongoing until May 2025
Sarah Rabe Doctoral candidates 2021 2022
Stephanie Reilly Doctoral candidates 2018 2020
Felix Reize Doctoral candidates 2024 ongoing (deputy) until May 2025
Camila Riffo Contreras Doctoral candidates 2023 ongoing until May 2025
Prof Joachim Saur Advisors, Geophysics, Meteorology 2014 ongoing (deputy) until May 2025
Stephan Schlegel Doctoral candidates 2020 2023
Maxwell M. Thiemens Doctoral candidates 2015 2018
Julia van de Löcht Doctoral candidates 2014 2015
Thirza van Laar Doctoral candidates 2015 2016
Prof Bernd Wagner Advisors, Geology & Mineralogy, Crystallography 2016 ongoing until May 2025
Dr Alexandre Wennmacher Academic staff 2015 2021
Sebastian Wieneke Doctoral candidates 2014 2015
Mirijam Zickel Doctoral candidates 2024 ongoing (deputy) until May 2025