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"GSGS Points"

The GSGS uses a credit point system to keep track of members' activities; the points used are simply called "GSGS Points".


Why does the GSGS use points?

The GSGS has resources available, which it prefers to come to the benefit of active members. Therefore, it uses a transparent method to quantify "activity"  within the graduate school of GSGS members with diverse backgrounds and various pathways to their doctorate. 

GSGS points do not generally represent workload; through awarding points, the GSGS wants to stimulate certain activities such as networking and training.

Why do I need GSGS points?

Collecting GSGS points is important to qualify for certain benefits offered by the GSGS:

  1. To qualify for a GSGS Travel Grant, you need to have gained at least 5 GSGS points per semester (on average);
  2. To receive a GSGS certificate listing all relevant activities, as a supplement to your doctoral degree certificate, you need to have a minimum of 30 GSGS points.

For (2.) a transitional rule applies for doctoral researchers who joined the GSGS in 2014: To be eligible, they need to accrue 5 GSGS points per semester (on average) from the start of Winter Semester 2014/15 (1 October 2014). For them, the Steering Committee will consider any reported activity that could count toward GSGS points and which took place on or since 1 January 2014 (e.g. attendance of GSGS Research Conference (Kick-off meeting) on 4 July). Any awarded points will be added to their record for Winter Semester 2014/15.

How much is a GSGS point "worth"?

  • For training, 1 GSGS point represents about 4 hours (1/2 day) of workload.
  • For other activities, GSGS points are arbitrary. Please see the catalogue of GSGS points for details.

How do I collect GSGS points?

To apply for GSGS points, you need to report your activities that count toward GSGS points using the GSGS activities form and submit it together with your progress report to the GSGS office. Your advisor needs to co-sign this form; for some activities he/she need to provide additional information. Provide proof wherever this is necessary (consult the column "remarks" in the points catalogue.

GSGS points can also be awarded for training organised outside the GSGS. Please choose the appropriate category from the catalogue of GSGS points and provide prove of attendance.

On 12 November 2014, the Steering Committee of the GSGS adopted a first version of the catalogue of GSGS points. 

GSGS points for activities other then those listed in the catalogue can be awarded by the Steering Committee on request. Please use the appropriate catalogue number and provide proof and an explanation.

Which activities do not count toward GSGS points?

  • Teaching
  • (Co-) guidance of Bachelor's or Masters' students
  • (Co-) organizing or leading excursions that are part of the curriculum

These activities can be listed on the GSGS certificate.

Also see the FAQs on GSGS Points