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GSGS Student Assembly 6 July 2015

The second GSGS Student Assembly took place from 16:00-16:30 h on 6 July 2015, Geo-/Bio-Hörsaal, Zülpicher Str. 49a, 50674 Cologne.

The Student Assembly is an annual event where all GSGS student members are invited. There will be time to ask questions and make suggestions for further development of the GSGS.

Student Council elections

The most important part of the meeting is the election of the 6 new members of the Student Council (two for Geography, two for Geophysics/Meteorology and two for Geology/Mineralogy) for a term of office of 1 year. It would be good to have a wide range of topics represented on the council again. Current Student Council members can stand for re-election.

From their midst, the six members of the Student Council will in turn elect a first and second representative on the GSGS Steering Committee (also for a term of office of 1 year).

Members of the Student Council are a first point of contact for their peers when questions or problems arise. Most issues are first discussed in a Student Council meeting (~once a month during term time). As and when necessary, information, problems and questions are forwarded to the GSGS manager or raised in the Steering Committee.

The current Student Council gave valuable feedback on the rules and processes developed in the build-up phase of the GSGS in the past year and took part in the university-internal evaluation of the GSGS in early June 2015.