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American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2022

12 - 16 December, 2022, Chicago, USA


View of Chicago Downtown outside of the Conference Building ©Yannick Burchart

Attending the American Geophysical Union's annual Fall Meeting as a young scientist was a valuable opportunity for me to present my research to an expert audience and gain valuable experience in my field. The conference, which is the largest of its kind for meteorologists, provided a forum for me to share the results of my paper, titled "How to interface between Shallow Cumulus Modelling and Stereo Camera Observations," and connect with colleagues from around the world. My poster was featured in a session focused on Atmospheric Convection, which aligns with my research interests and provided valuable insights for my future work.

While the conference covered a wide range of topics, I was disappointed that there were only a few days dedicated to my specific area of study. However, I took the opportunity to learn about other Earth System Science projects and engage in interesting scientific discussions with my peers through the poster session. The poster session was particularly helpful for starting conversations and getting to know new people in the field.

In addition to presenting my own research, I also had the chance to attend various talks and poster sessions that broadened my understanding of the latest developments and trends in meteorology. It was truly a global event, with attendees from all over the world sharing their research and ideas.

Overall, attending the Fall Meeting was a fantastic experience and I am grateful to the GSGS for providing me with the opportunity to attend and present my research. The conference was not only a great opportunity for me to showcase my work, but also a chance to learn from and connect with other leading researchers in my field. It will definitely be a highlight of my academic journey as I work towards obtaining my Ph.D. and becoming an independent researcher.


Yannick Burchart
PhD student
Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology
PhD project: “Stereo Observations of Clouds for LES Validation and Sub-scale Cloud Parameterizations (SOCLES)”
Poster title:  “How to interface between Shallow Cumulus Modelling and Stereo Camera Observations”