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New GSGS Statutes

Since 12/02/2021 the GSGS has official statutes

On 12 February, 2021, the statutes (Ordnung) of the Graduate School of Geosciences were officially published; they are also available in the GSGS download section.

After several years of preparation, the GSGS now has an official set of rules and regulations, which were developed as a joint effort of the Board of the Graduate Schools in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (or 'Executive Committee'), and in close co-operation with the department-wide graduate schools in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Rules and terminology were unified across the Faculty and in accordance with the doctorate regulations that have been in place sind 12 March, 2020.

Since the GSGS acts under German jurisdiction, the statutes are in German. We are working hard to translate their essence into readable English on our webpages. To start with, you can find a presentation (2:49') on the organisational structure and governance of the GSGS here. There is also a presentation (0:58') on doctoral representation.

You can read more about the organisation of the GSGS here.