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GSGS Writing Groups

Writing groups are a relatively new GSGS-Training offer. Each group consists or will consist of 5 or 6 participants, preferably aiming to publish a paper on their research. Priority will be given to members who previously attended an Academic Writing Skills workshop. Joining a Writing Group will probably yield the best results for candidates in their second or early third year, but applications from candidates in later or earlier stages are also welcome.

Just like in 2021, three writing groups will be set up in 2022. The first group "Delta" will start end April/early May; further groups are planned: "Epsilon", starting end May/early June and "Zeta" starting approx. in September, 2022. Register by sending an e-mail via If you cannot join any of these groups, but are interested to join a writing group at a later stage, send an expression of interest to the same e-mail.

For group "Delta", we are looking for people who can commit to attending a 90-minute online session in the last week of April or the first week of May. Its exact timing and that of two further monthly 90-minute sessions under the guidance of Anne Wegner of "Write English" will be planned with the group. Participants will have to commit about 8 hours per month for providing peer review to their peer writing group. It is the express aim for the group to continue meeting as a peer group and providing each-other feedback for a longer period of time, and at least until 8 months after being set up, when a further "visit" by Anne Wegner to the group is planned. 

For groups "Epsilon" and "Zeta", the planning and expectations will be similar. Just with a later starting date.

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